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The book of xicor xicor, xicor no hon is the first special of the dragon ball absalon series. Gokus story of being deceived into the ultimate angel mutation. Zaiko and his mother, the west kaioshin, arrive on earth in two space pods. Goku dragon ball youtube anime art youtubers kunst anime music anime shows. Immediatly after landing xicor comes into contanct with goten and fires a ki blast at him. The series begins twelve years after goku is seen leaving on shenron not at the end of dragon ball gt, and diverges entirely into its own plot from there, on an alternate timeline from the one which shows goku jr. It has been 120 years since goku defeated shenlong. Basessjssj2 ssj3 ssj4 ssj5 uimui thanks to my friends. Dragonball absalon xicors theme the enigma tng youtube. If you disagree with this decision, please also state your reasoning on the articles talk page. Get your kids busy with these dragon ball picture to paint under. The zfighters trained and now got approached by the survived saiya jins from planet absalon. Xicor ssj3 xicor ssj4 xicor ssj5 xicor ssj dbaf xicor goku son xicor goku vs xicor dragon ball xicor xicor vs rigor.

On this page, we have collected many cool coloring pictures of the japanese anime series dragon ball z to print and dragon ball z coloring pages dragon ball is without doubt one of the favourite film amongst kids. Dbz budokai 3 mod xicor by dragonmarrs on deviantart best xicor gifs gfycat. The story starts 12 years after gt when shenron took away goku. I always wondered what akira would do with xicor as a character. He is the main antagonist of toybles dragon ball af doujinshi. In this series, majuub has reached new levels of power, and has honed the techniques taught to him by goku. Xicor also appears as an antagonist in an animated series called dragon ball absalon by mellavelli. The blast is so powerful that goten is almost killed. The book of xicor dragon ball absalon wikia fandom.

Feel free to edit as much as you want, this site is a collaborative effort by all of the fans of this. Nov 7, 2016 groundbreaking dragonball absalon news. Goku has took a journey with shenron the dragon of the dragon balls, training for the next event. All of the levels on this list are taken from the manga, anime, movies, movie pamphlets, daizenshuu guides. Dragon ball z unofficial super saiyan 3 teen gohan theme. This article, dragon ball af power levels, has a vast amount of grammar andor spelling errors. Book of xicor the saiyan god will be the project after episode 3 but first thing first before we will launch the episode we will upload the manga.

Gohan is a powerful character in the dragon ball series. The next comiket in tokyo big sight will take place in the summer, august 12,14 in 2016. Dbz, butches, dragon ball z, fanfiction, comic book, nerdy, anime, beast. Dbgt is not canon chapter 1 xicor, the saiyan god xicor. He is gokus genetically created son by west kaioshin, making him half saiyan and half kai. Xicor got in his spaceship, and looked at his mom one last time, i love you, i will find dad, i will remember him. Dragon ball af vegito ssj3 vs xicor ssj5 ita youtube. Please see the talk page for suggestions on how to fix this. Super saiyan 4 gohan turns into grand ultimate form. He is halfshinjin, as his mother is the west kaioshin. After questioning him zaiko reveals himself to be son of goku which shocks zfighters. In this battle, vegeta is enraged and confronts xicor with all his might. Xicor, also known as zaiko is the main antagonist in toybles dragon ball af manga and makes appearances in the dragon ball absalon manga and series.

I dont know how i missed this, but i added it to my faves like the others. Announcement book of xicor dragonball absalon youtube. Home series dragon ball absalon aired order all seasons. This article, dragon ball af power levels, has its canonfriendliness disputed. This video is about the origin of xicor, gokus 3rd son created by toyotaro this is part 2. Dragonball absalon xicors theme the enigma tng saiyan enigma. This is where youll find all of the information regarding this series, news updates, topic discussions, blogs and more. Now, the zfighters must do all they can to protect the earth and stop whatever the invaders are trying.

Xicor, also known as zaiko is the main antagonist in toybles dragon ball af manga and. This is a fan animated miniseries dragonball absalon. After sensing the blast, gohan, vegeta, and trunks rush to battle. Dragon ball absalon official vegito vs xicor book of. Dragon ball absalon is a non profit fan animation by max gene animation studios. Dragonball absalon headpage max gene animation studio. Toybles dragon ball af manga and makes appearances in the dragon ball absalon manga and series. This is a little taste of the upcoming manga and anime of the book of xicor the main antagonist of toyble. See more of dragon ball absalon official on facebook.

This is an adaptation created by a fan, our intention is to entertain. This is a list of known and official power levels, sentoryoku, lit. Xicor s end, dragon ball af episode 2 dideo dragon ball tp. Dragon ball drawing book best of dragonball absalon headpage max gene animation. Welcome to the official home of the dragon ball absalon wikia page. The special tells the story of the continuation of events following the book of xicor volume one manga, taking place after the battle between the z fighters and cyborg on earth. The fight between goku and omega shenron is now over. Home series dragon ball absalon official order specials. Dragon ball af absalon dbz ttt mods iso wrath of xicor dbz af. Rigor, the central antagonist of dragon ball new age, is shown fighting xicor in one of maliks deviations in deviantart. Everything is slowing down but hey guys please dont give up on me alyth the great is also going to rough times please support us on patreon. In here, he is shown in the opening, fighting goku and appears to be a super saiyan 6. Gohan has a vast number of transformations like the great ape, super saiyan, super saiyan 2, ultimate gohan and in af, the super saiyan 4.

Its the 4hour version, because i think mrqballs version got taken down, but king x. May 18 dragon ball absalon official premiered a video. She never died, she lived in space all those years near death till king cold found. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Oh, and before i forget, if you want to see the original video, just search dragon ball af episode 1. Dragon ball absalon wikia is a fandom comics community. Dbaf, dragon ball af, goku, ssj5, super saiyan 5, xicor. He is the son of goku and chichi, brother of goten and presumably zaiko. Xicor comes from another dimension and was summoned by razzle. This is about my story of dragon ball af, it has xicor, goku adult, goten, and basicly all the main chararacters from dragon ball z. All of the earths mightiest heroes are gone but the their legacy still continues. Dragonball af awesome fiction is the official fanmade series 120 years after the events of the frieza saga note.

Xicor dragonball absalon wiki fandom powered by wikia. Dragon ball af ssj5 goku vs xicor fan animation merimo animation. I started thinking that the new dbz movie might actually have him, but after reading up on it, it wont. Book of xicor the saiyan god will be the project after episode 3 but first thing first before we will launch the episode we will upload the manga volume 1 on the website. A long time ago, kid buu had that fight with the kais. The story takes place 12 years after the events of dragon ball gt, with the earth facing a new threat in the form of mysterious invaders, who come to earth searching for saiyans to recruit. I have finally finished my goku dragon ball absalon pack that i have been working on since forever, including. Dragon ball absalon is a fanmade miniseries written by melvin e. All of the character on this cartoon film are wellknown. The zfighters are living a normal safe life, until a year later a new threat comes to earth claiming hes gokus son and has become a super saiyan 5. Dragon ball absalon is a non profit animation by max gene animation studios.

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